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K7RDG Repeaters

  • Mule Mountain: 147.020 +600kHz, PL 162.2, O, L, E, R, PL (RACES/ARES)
  • Mule Mountain: 146.760 -600kHz, PL 162.2, O, A, E
  • Mule Mountain: 144.390 Simplex, APRS
  • Mule Mountain: 449.525 - 5MHz, PL 100, O, E, R, PL
  • Green Acres: 447.950 - 5MHz, PL 100, FM & C4FM

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Club Address: 2756 S Moson Rd, Sierra Vista, AZ, USA

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1855 SIERRA VISTA, AZ 85635

146.76 Mhz (- offset) (PL 162.2)

147.02 Mhz (+ offset) (PL 162.2)

YouTube Live Stream

Below is CARA's livestream on YouTube. If the box below reads "This video is unavailable, that indicates that we are not currently livestreaming. You can verify this by going to You can also view some previous livestreams and videos there.