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CARA Meets
the first Monday of each month

CARA's Next Meeting is Monday,
January 8th, 2018 at 7pm - 1900MST - 1200z

CARA Net: Thurs, 7MST, 1200z,
146.76 (-)(PL 162)

CARA meets every Saturday to "chew the rag"
About 8am to noon, at Green Acres

Nomination Time!
Please submit nominations
for President and Secretary before the

***January 2018 meeting***

We will take orders at our Jan 8 meeting for those who would like to build the ZZRX-40 Receiver, with other members, from a kit.
Cost will be $45. We will order the kits this month and build them as a group project on Saturday, Feb. 17. Info: http://www.4sqrp.com/zzrx40.php & QST, July 2016, p. 34-37.

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Future Use 1C

Solar Weather

Silent Keys

CARA remembers Hams who have passed away,
known poignantly as "Silent Keys"
in the amateur radio community.

Click to go to their biography.

KD7FUV - Ray

W3ABN - Paul

W70L - Bill

W7WGW - Wendell

N7SFP - Dave

Future Use 2D

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