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The Cochise Amateur Radio Association proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special event station, commemorating half a century of dedicated service to the community and the art of amateur radio. Established in 1973, the association has been a beacon of connectivity and camaraderie in Cochise County, Arizona. For five decades, members of the association have passionately engaged in public service initiatives and emergency communications support, embodying the spirit of service and innovation. Through their commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication, the Cochise Amateur Radio Association has played a pivotal role in fostering communication resilience and community cohesion, earning admiration and respect both locally and beyond. As they mark this significant milestone, the association looks back with pride on its rich history while eagerly embracing the boundless opportunities that lie ahead, continuing to inspire and unite amateur radio enthusiasts for generations to come. 12/14/1973 to 12/14/2023